Hello Mums (and Grannies and Aunties … and maybe some Dads)

Social Moms and Kids activities

We are a generation of ‘googlers’ where the web becomes our best friend and our inspiration. Where long lost friends are as close as the ones we visited last night.

Where do we go when we want to find the answer to any nagging question? Google. Where do we go when our kid does the most ridiculous thing? Facebook. Where do we go when we want to rant about the idiot in the traffic who nearly wrote off three cars whilst changing lanes? Our blog or forum.

So when facing more of our challenges as mothers,many of us resort to asking each other advice. What activities can I do with my kids on a rainy day in Cape Town? What kind of party can I host at home for my army crazy son? Where do you buy those funny little ‘thingies’ your six year old swears is a must at any party?

This blog was born. A web hosted blog where I can let the world know what I think I know – and find out your opinion. Get their ideas and get your feedback. And as always the focus of the site (and seemingly much of our lives) – our kids. The universal language any mom can speak.

My ambition is a place for advice for keeping our kids from giving us more grey hairs. Giving each Mom a chance to brag about her latest conquest – the best birthday cake she has just baked or the brilliance of an holiday activity stumbled upon at 3am on a sleepless night. Providing an opportunity to link your story or photos from a personal facebook profile or blog.

Whether we like it or not – much of our small successes in life are lived through our kids. The gravity defying Noah’s Ark cake we finally completed or the dozens of sugar crazed kids we successfully entertained at a rainy birthday party. This is our chance to find inspiration – and in a socially linked way – give and receive!


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