Tea for Two

Often when I am wondering what our gorgeous little red head is thinking I am at a loss. She is motivated and excited as only a two year old can be (which is seldom understood by mothers). BUT (and there is always a but in good stories) I know who can magically read her mind – grandparents. In this case – what actvities can you do to entertain a toddler?

My mom always claimed she was a mine of useless information. As it turns out – not so useless! So Zoe (our wild and wonderful two year old) gets bored. She loves interaction. She loves role playing. And she loves being silly. Mom’s answer? A tea party for two!

And it worked wonderfully. During a visit from Joburg Granny decided to wedge herself into a (not so stable) pink plastic chair, with fully laden table prepared with plastic tea cups, tea (aka highly desired coke) and some chocolate cupcakes. It went down splendidly. A very one sided conversation as Granny asked a very excited Zoe all about happenings in the neighbourhood. Answered mostly with “More” and eventually “More please”. When tea was over and Zoe was about to ‘escape’ Granny even had a way of making the clean up fun.
Equipped with a (suitably sized) apron Z was set to work on washing (and much splashing) all her highly prized tea set pieces.

The photos don’t tell you the humour and excitement but I can assure you that make-believe is a wonderful thing. Z now shares imaginary dishes with me whilst waiting in queues or when using her kitchen set.

The mind and imagination are wonderful things!

Cost: Ingredients for tea
Time: Half an hour (those short attention spans!)
Activities: Role playing and good old fashioned washing and splashing afterwards
Warning: Don’t sit in the kiddies chairs unless you KNOW you can get up afterwards!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Natasha
    Mar 10, 2011 @ 08:33:13

    Don’t forget to add to the warning: If you know you won’t break them and end up on the floor! 😉


  2. Caryn
    Mar 10, 2011 @ 09:20:49

    Yes well I just stick to grown up chairs!! 😀 Only Granny is brave enough to try those chairs.


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