Those things kids do …

Since most of us might be new to each other I thought it a great idea to ‘introduce’ ourselves as moms and just as women who have hard days! The easiest way to get a woman talking is usually to ask her about her kids, but if you don’t have kids – not to worry.. tell us about yourself in some other strange situation.

So todays topic is what our kids have done where you want to hit the ‘unsubscribe’ button on motherhood or womanhood for a short while.

One of my darlings (I have two for those that are not aware) has a penchant for crayons (draaaaaaaaaaawing mommy). We chastised for the picture on the blanket box. Punished for the artwork on my suede dining chairs and confiscated them for the motif on her new kitchen set. Don’t get me wrong – it wasn’t a colouring spree. There was time between each even that left us with a false feeling of safety before the next event. Well pen doesn’t wipe off the blanket box, it does come off suede (with plain washing powder and water) and the kitchen is graffiteed for life.

My husband is Gary – the A type that loves order in his own relative way and of course dotes on his Girls. And my most recent blessing is a six month old Emma who believes that she can gain weight and grow by osmosis instead of drinking or eating. A challenge for a mom who likes to ‘reach quota’ on her bottles. I am learning!

So tell us about your family in your own way – and yes – single ladies count as families too!


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  1. Deidre
    Mar 04, 2011 @ 20:49:28

    I love your blog, Caryn. How delightful!


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