How do you encourage your child’s creativity?

I was so amazed at the wonderful range of things that can inspire children but I don’t think it should be all up to them. Parents can actively engage to build our kids creativity. Last night my daughter Zoe was dancing (as only she can) to the latest round of American Idols. What struck me was that she was moving around like the contestants – and even had her hand ready as if holding a microphone. As encouragement my hubby gave her a cast off mic from his old video camera.

Television can be a tool of creativity

There are many ways for us to encourage our kids such as art, music or reading. They also suggest limiting other mediums such as electronic toys or television. In one way I understand that electronic toys don’t encourage interaction or imagination but I do think that television has its place. Zoe loves Animal Planet. When they flash adverts for a show she sits there eagerly trying to name the animals as they flash past. While I would love to take her to a zoo over weekends, our access to any reasonable one is limited. But I can tell you that any wild animal show has her hooked for as long as it lasts. More important however, I think is how we use these gadgets and how much they dominate our kids lives. I found a great link that covers using some programmes as a chance to interact and watch with our kids.

Creativity is important in growing our kids minds. The simple things like drawing, painting and playing with clay are always a good way for the toddlers amongst us to express themselves! Another article on this site also gives some nice recipes for everything from home-made finger paint to edible clay.

Please let me know what you have found works really well. Any good ideas or recipes that work with your kids.

Finally for a laugh here is the artist born for the stage!


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  1. Gayle Loubser
    Mar 07, 2011 @ 13:16:39

    Tygerberg zoo, while certainly not in competition with the Pretoria Zoo, is still worth a visit. We were pleasantly surprised when we visited there a few years ago.


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