Dealing with Childhood Fears

Why is it so hard to convince our kids that some things aren’t scary? I think because we often only see the object from our perspective.  The vacuum cleaner to my daughter is nowhere near as scary as the sound of any house alarm. She hates high pitched noises too.

But more scary to me is the fear she has developed for most pets. She has never been bitten by our dog but now “Tequila” scares her to the point where she won’t go out to the backyard unless Daddy carries her.

Understanding the Fear is Real
I found a super article that discusses how parents should approach some childhood fears. The main thing is to reassure and comfort your child whilst helping him/her deal with the fear rather than just avoiding it altogether. Another popular website Focus on the Family, also encourages parents to believe their child’s fear. Creating a plan of action for coming across a scary dog or role-playing a scary situation like the dentist.

Perhaps my daughter’s favourite show holds a clue. Charlie and Lola  now takes up half the space on our PVR (recordings from DSTV) because Zoe will always go back there for as long as we let her. Programmes cover everything from being scared of spiders, to leaving home for a weekend at granny, to not eating vegetables. In each episode Charlie (the older brother) solves the issue by going to Lola’s level and showing her the fun in the situation or giving her the reassurance and comfort.

Maybe a lesson for us all – stop thinking like a mom and think like a child. Long live creative shows for our kids!


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