Eagle Encounters at Spier

On a mild sunny day like today I have found the perfect escape for the family. We packed a picnic and went off to Spier planning to visit the Cheetah Programme and the Eagle Encounters.

For only R30 (adults and kids over 3), there is definitely FULL value for money. We were let into the Raptor area where all birds are easily accessible (they are in open enclosures secured to their stands) where the children (short and small) can also see the birds.

Firstly you can stroke the Owls they have at the entrance, with staff carefully overseeing the kids. The owls are peaceful and fully willing to be stroked (their magic spot is behind their neck apparently). Then they have an amazing selection of eagles. The most I have EVER seen in a group. Fish Eagle, Black Eagle, Marshall Eagles – you name in. All in pretty close viewing area (but not too close for kids to get into trouble). The enclosures are clean and tidy. The staff are accessible.

They have other raptors including Cape Vulture, Secretary bird, an array of Owls, Kites. Just a really good representation of birds that our Creator blessed us with.

What struck me is the size of the Eagles. Wow. And of course – what made my Mom’s heart glad was the call of the Fish Eagle. It hits a chord in your soul.

In my opinion, well worth the investment to see the birds.

The Cheetah programme is only worthwhile if you intend to have an ‘encounter’ with one of them. This costs R110 per person. We did not have this available. And I think our two year old is a LOT too young for such an experience. You can enter the area for R5 adult (weekends) but there is very little to see if you are not going to go into the cages for the encounter.

Spier does not encourage what they call “Private” picnics, prefering you to utilize their deli. We however had our own Woolies combo of delights packed and had a lovely enjoyable picnic under the wispy leaves. Relaxing. Good for the soul.

If you are interested Eagle Encounters has a facebook page. I see they have a special deal on 1 April for a free ‘encounter’ added into your entrance ticket.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gayle Loubser
    Mar 26, 2011 @ 17:11:26

    Wonder if we could take Philip here and tell him it was World of Birds where he is nagging us to take him! Oh dear. Too late. He’s read my comment.


  2. Melissa Hunn
    Mar 26, 2011 @ 18:39:49

    Spier used to be my favourite place until it became so expensive to have a picnic there. How did you get the private picnic past? They usually very strict 🙂


    • Caryn
      Mar 26, 2011 @ 19:00:17

      We saw the notices up – but there were plenty of people mulling around with their own cooler bags. I did see some with hampers from the Deli but it was definitely not everyone. We just walked onto the grass so not sure who would be stopping people?


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