Kiddies Parties – Indoors

With the onset of winter, some of us moms are faced with the challenge of how to make sure kids have fun at the party – in spite of the weather.

I have found a few ideas from another mom’s blog that I thought I would share. But of course, let me know if you have any other ideas that work for you!

Let’s Explore suggests some activity tables:
1. Playdough – A low table with homemade colored playdough, plastic cookie cutters, and mini rolling pins is always a hit with the little ones. A few plastic animals or toy cars are fun to toss on the table, too.
2. Matching Game – Set-out a store-bought memory game or make your own using clip art that relates to your party theme. Using photos of the party guests would make a fun matching game, too!
3. Collaborative Coloring – Cover a whole table or the lower half of a wall with paper. Set-out buckets of crayons and stickers. Instead of coloring on paper, place a large cardboard box in an open-area.
4. Beanbag Toss – This can be as simple or fancy as you want. Buckets, dish tubs, hula hoops, and laundry baskets make excellent targets. Hanging hula hoops are really fun to toss things through!
5. Sensory Table – Fill a large plastic container with colored rice, a variety of beans, or water (with supervision, please). Add scoops, spoons, funnels, play dishes, and other fun tools for exploring.
6. Beach Balls – Lightweight and colorful, beach balls are great for throwing, rolling, and carrying around. Send them home with your little guests as party favors.

My own thoughts may be that the balls can be left outdoors! (Yes, I sound like such a sensible mom). But having seen some great craft tables done by my sister-in-law it never hurts to have a back-up when the weather is so unreliable!

But I think the most important thing when arranging a kids-party is that you actually stop to enjoy the moment! Your kids only have a birthday once a year so don’t spend the whole day arranging and not enjoying.


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  1. Gayle Loubser
    May 27, 2011 @ 10:26:57

    Some more ideas for kids’ parties in general:
    1.) Arrange for someone else to play photographer. You’d hate to look back in years to come and have no photos because you were too busy pouring cooldrink for kiddies (or, alternatively, arrange for someone else to serve the kids).

    2.) Let the kids ice their own cupcakes. It saves you time before the event, and they looooooove seeing just how much icing and sweets can be balanced on top of a tiny piece of cake! Prepare for a mess, especially if the kids are small. But the smiles are worth the mess!

    3.) Instead of the balls suggested above, one might consider balloons – especially if it’s indoors. (Supervise to make sure no balloons end up in anyone’s mouth!)

    4.) Outdoors one might allow the junior artists to decorate an unpainted vibracrete wall with chalk. They’ll love being able to draw on a wall just for once – as long as they are old enough to understand that it’s only with chalk, and only on THAT wall! The next rains will wash away their creation, leaving your garden pristine again. (Be sure to take a photo of the completed wall, just for your records!)

    And yes, remember that Mommy and Daddy are allowed to have fun too. Enjoy the party!


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