Your milestones – or your kids?

Growing with our family

My daughter are going through some milestones at the moment. My youngest is turning one next month and the eldest is going to be three in November. Little one finally popped a tooth (yes my kids tend to take their time on this issue) and I remember stressing with Zoe the eldest. When will her teeth come – when will she crawl (then walk) … and the list is being repeated as I see Emma reaching her personal targets.

What made me think was The Blind Side movie with Sandra Bullock. Right at the end of the movie she turns to Michael after he was drafted to a University and asked him – Do you actually LIKE football?

Do we as parents see our kids developing and growing and enjoy the moment? Or do we (optimistically wanting the best for them) start pushing them to the next level or the next belt or the higher grades. When do we as parents say “my kid did his best” instead of “well next time you can improve X or Y” … and are we wrong to want them to do more?

I don’t want to be the parent that turns to her child and berates her for a mark when I should be seeing how happy she is with the result she got. In no way am I saying I want my kids to sit back and be happy with status quo. But how do we as parents encourage our kids to THEIR goals – and not the ones we set for them ourselves?

Where do you believe we can find balance?

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