Ladybugs 1st Birthday

My youngest daughter has turned one. Definitely growing so fast and developing into a real lady.

Ladybugs and goodie bags

To match this I created a Ladybug theme for her party. Full of ladybug spots and red balloons. All the things that make it colourful. While I did find some ideas for parties online, finding actual items in the shops was challenging.

The Invitation
I created my own invite with Coreldraw, working out a bit of a rhyme for the wording. I folded it in three and placed a some small ladybugs resting on a leaf of green paper on the outside. I also sent the invitation out digitally to those friends and family I do not see often enough to hand deliver.

Bug Serviettes from Woolies

The Decor
We were lucky enough to discover some party items at Woolworths – this included bug masks and some bug serviettes. The focus was on colours so we went with red party bags, spotty bugs on the bags with labels as well as red balloons with black ribbons. For the kids party table I got a bright red plastic tablecloth in case of any unlucky spills!

The Party

Emma Bug at her party

The kids attending were all encouraged to wear spots or stripes as bugs and all entered into the spirit. With wings and feelers and all crazy outfits it was really great. To keep some of the older kids busy I also baked some cupcakes and mixed some icing. Giving the kids some smarties, jelly tots and some plastic knives they decorated their own bugs. One or two dads had to eat the result – but when it comes to parties – it is all good.

Ladybugs are easy, fun and with some pipecleaners feelers are a breeze!!


Kiddies Parties – Indoors

With the onset of winter, some of us moms are faced with the challenge of how to make sure kids have fun at the party – in spite of the weather.

I have found a few ideas from another mom’s blog that I thought I would share. But of course, let me know if you have any other ideas that work for you!

Let’s Explore suggests some activity tables:
1. Playdough – A low table with homemade colored playdough, plastic cookie cutters, and mini rolling pins is always a hit with the little ones. A few plastic animals or toy cars are fun to toss on the table, too.
2. Matching Game – Set-out a store-bought memory game or make your own using clip art that relates to your party theme. Using photos of the party guests would make a fun matching game, too!
3. Collaborative Coloring – Cover a whole table or the lower half of a wall with paper. Set-out buckets of crayons and stickers. Instead of coloring on paper, place a large cardboard box in an open-area.
4. Beanbag Toss – This can be as simple or fancy as you want. Buckets, dish tubs, hula hoops, and laundry baskets make excellent targets. Hanging hula hoops are really fun to toss things through!
5. Sensory Table – Fill a large plastic container with colored rice, a variety of beans, or water (with supervision, please). Add scoops, spoons, funnels, play dishes, and other fun tools for exploring.
6. Beach Balls – Lightweight and colorful, beach balls are great for throwing, rolling, and carrying around. Send them home with your little guests as party favors.

My own thoughts may be that the balls can be left outdoors! (Yes, I sound like such a sensible mom). But having seen some great craft tables done by my sister-in-law it never hurts to have a back-up when the weather is so unreliable!

But I think the most important thing when arranging a kids-party is that you actually stop to enjoy the moment! Your kids only have a birthday once a year so don’t spend the whole day arranging and not enjoying.

Children’s Party Invitations

Many of us strive to make sure our children’s themed parties are real successes. And sometimes themes and decor can be a challenge. To resolve one of my challenges I have started creating my own party invites! It has worked wonders, allowing me to add party pack labels, birthday cards and a whole bunch of other things with very little additional work.

This has plenty of advantages:
* You can be theme specific
* You can have digital (for those family we don’t see often) AND printed invites
* You can match them to party packs and anything else you want

I have attached a few samples of what I have done and am busy with.

If you are at all interested feel free to drop me a line with your needs. Once the creative juices start flowing the invitation can be created around your child’s interests and personality.

For anyone wanting a little more info or to chat about ideas then you are most welcome to have look at our facebook site.

If you prefer being creative yourself, you may enjoy Mandy’s blog on her own ‘creativity’.

Essentials for every party!

A friend of mine posted on Facebook that she hoped she had everything she needed for her kids party. I jokingly told her that I hoped she had a McGyver Box. Apparently she does not. But the essentials for a party are simple.

Well what is a McGyver Box? Easy: all the small things you never think about but always need in a fix. I learnt this lesson from a colleague at the start of my “Eventing” career. Nazly would always have a box with EVERYTHING in it. We used to get to a function and she always had what we needed (and more). To this day I christen my ‘event box’ McGyver.

Contents of the McGyver Box
Since I am not the one who likes lists (my sister is a LIST SPECIALIST and I love her for it!), I need to take things in case:
* Camera (spare memory card and batteries)
* Sellotape/packaging tape/ribbon or string and scissors
* A box of pins (straight or safety pins)
* Pens / black marker
* Paper
* Cell phone charger and two pin plug
* Bin Bags
* Wet wipes
* Basic First aid kit (for when you are not around the home and there are kids around)
* Contact numbers for all your suppliers (for events) or parents (for kids parties!)
* A map or directions to the venue (you may know the way but a lost guest calls and you need to know street names around the venue)
* Spares (whatever you are handing out from corporate gifts to kids party packs). You never know when some kid will come with a little brother or sister you had not planned for.
* Sunscreen (we always forget this one)
* Some spare change (the electronic age tends to leave some people with bank cards rather than cash) for tipping someone helpful or sending someone to quickly buy something unforseen

But this list is not just for parties, I found a great article about “Must-haves” for road trips too!

To this day I believe that a successful event (and yes – that includes Kids Parties) is a matter of planning ahead of time and on the day making sure you attend to the things that do not run as planned.
Be prepared and be successful.