Ladybugs 1st Birthday

My youngest daughter has turned one. Definitely growing so fast and developing into a real lady.

Ladybugs and goodie bags

To match this I created a Ladybug theme for her party. Full of ladybug spots and red balloons. All the things that make it colourful. While I did find some ideas for parties online, finding actual items in the shops was challenging.

The Invitation
I created my own invite with Coreldraw, working out a bit of a rhyme for the wording. I folded it in three and placed a some small ladybugs resting on a leaf of green paper on the outside. I also sent the invitation out digitally to those friends and family I do not see often enough to hand deliver.

Bug Serviettes from Woolies

The Decor
We were lucky enough to discover some party items at Woolworths – this included bug masks and some bug serviettes. The focus was on colours so we went with red party bags, spotty bugs on the bags with labels as well as red balloons with black ribbons. For the kids party table I got a bright red plastic tablecloth in case of any unlucky spills!

The Party

Emma Bug at her party

The kids attending were all encouraged to wear spots or stripes as bugs and all entered into the spirit. With wings and feelers and all crazy outfits it was really great. To keep some of the older kids busy I also baked some cupcakes and mixed some icing. Giving the kids some smarties, jelly tots and some plastic knives they decorated their own bugs. One or two dads had to eat the result – but when it comes to parties – it is all good.

Ladybugs are easy, fun and with some pipecleaners feelers are a breeze!!


Some Kids Party Invites

One of the great things in life is getting ready for your child’s birthday! I love the details – invites in particular. Here are a few I have done in recent times for friends and family.


A Noah's ark theme for a little one loving animals

My little one loves animals and for this party I did lots and lots of animals. It was pretty easy to do a cake with wafer biscuits for the wood of the ark around the cake with animals in pairs around. Animal blowers, serviettes and moulded chocolate animals spread around. I think for a young one animals are easy – especially if your little one is like mine and asks for Animal planet again … and again.


For the Boy that loves Crazy things

A wonderful boy I love had his party at the Science centre. Mad scientist is perfect for him – and his brother! It was an external venue – which can be great when you really don’t feel like cleaning up your house after a horde of mad scientists descend! They arranged for a lift to the venue so the specifics were left off the invite. Colours of course were chosen by Birthday Boy!


Dinosaurs ROAR with fun

My next creation was for a friend of mine – her son is like any boy. Cars and noisy things. So for his party we went with Dinosaurs that ROAAAR … and she went all out with the cake. Moulded chocolate dinosaurs to match the invite. Serviettes and a whole bunch of other items are available in this theme. It really is surprising when you look around so we were very pleased with our finds. Some cupcakes were sent to school with dinosaur chocolates on top to keep with the theme for the normal party. When you three – ROARING dinosaurs are cool!


A lady bug for a little lady

Now when you have a lady-bug turning one there is only one thing you can do and that is throw a Ladybug party. Red and black spots all over. We are doing a lovely flower for the cake and having the best lady-bug candle on top for blowing out. Ladybug chocolates, ladybug cupcakes (for the kids to decorate themselves) and a whole lot of spotting food and decorations.

When you start with a theme you will find it really easy to carry on. With invites done it is a lot of fun! So if you need an invite done contact me on my facebook site.