Have you been to Mouille Point lately?

For Heritage Day we decided to get out with the kids. With the weather being pleasant we wandered down to Mouille Point Light House to see what new facilities were around. And we were happy with what we found there.

There is a wonderful new Jungle Gym in the open commons near the promenade. Plenty room to climb and the facilities seem to have been well built with lots of kids in mind. It is a large and sturdy construction with two slides, a hoard of fireman’s poles, climbing ramps, climbing holes, suspended bridges, tyres to peek through – you name it!

Zoe is nearly three so some of the climbing items were a little hard, but she went up them nonetheless with a push and shove every now and then to get her where she wanted to be.

There was a huge See-saw in use by kids with daddy’s doing the obligatory up and down. Swings placed around a giant arc with mom’s pushing to their kids delight. A very happy atmosphere. It is nice to know that there are areas around Cape Town that are open to the public without any fees or obligations were kids can still be kids.

Then of course our eldest was attracted by the Blue train that does circuits along a track in the area. It is run by Rotary and costs R10 for three circuits of the track. A little squashed for dad – but each time she came around Zoe was waving and laughing like a banshee. The price is not bad for a little bit of fun. I am happy to say that the whole area seems very well maintained.

Going over the bridge into the area inside the Train track, there are jumping castles free for use, there are tables positioned in the shade for picnics. If you wish to host a kiddies party there, Rotary has posted contact details. But for a family outing the environment was great.

Inside the area there are a number of activities, including a Climbing wall (kids size!), some items to climb through, on and over. For Beatles fans there was a Yellow submarine to captain too! Our one year old preferred to mosey around in and out of cement shapes that were around the area, following her more daring sister at a distance. I saw a number of families in and around the area and I have to say for the volume of people, the area did not seem overcrowded at all.

So if you are looking for somewhere to go – why not spend a little time near Mouille Point? It is right next to the Green Point Gardens – another expedition all of its own!


Essentials for every party!

A friend of mine posted on Facebook that she hoped she had everything she needed for her kids party. I jokingly told her that I hoped she had a McGyver Box. Apparently she does not. But the essentials for a party are simple.

Well what is a McGyver Box? Easy: all the small things you never think about but always need in a fix. I learnt this lesson from a colleague at the start of my “Eventing” career. Nazly would always have a box with EVERYTHING in it. We used to get to a function and she always had what we needed (and more). To this day I christen my ‘event box’ McGyver.

Contents of the McGyver Box
Since I am not the one who likes lists (my sister is a LIST SPECIALIST and I love her for it!), I need to take things in case:
* Camera (spare memory card and batteries)
* Sellotape/packaging tape/ribbon or string and scissors
* A box of pins (straight or safety pins)
* Pens / black marker
* Paper
* Cell phone charger and two pin plug
* Bin Bags
* Wet wipes
* Basic First aid kit (for when you are not around the home and there are kids around)
* Contact numbers for all your suppliers (for events) or parents (for kids parties!)
* A map or directions to the venue (you may know the way but a lost guest calls and you need to know street names around the venue)
* Spares (whatever you are handing out from corporate gifts to kids party packs). You never know when some kid will come with a little brother or sister you had not planned for.
* Sunscreen (we always forget this one)
* Some spare change (the electronic age tends to leave some people with bank cards rather than cash) for tipping someone helpful or sending someone to quickly buy something unforseen

But this list is not just for parties, I found a great article about “Must-haves” for road trips too!

To this day I believe that a successful event (and yes – that includes Kids Parties) is a matter of planning ahead of time and on the day making sure you attend to the things that do not run as planned.
Be prepared and be successful.